Compasses in Small Craft

Published Date: First published 1948-3rd edition revised 1983

ISBN: 9780851744537
Author: Cdr. C.A. Lund
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Compasses in Small Craft (Out of Print)

Suggested Replacements:
Magnetic Compass Deviation and Correction
Compass Observation Book – No 30

Written to enable the owner or skipper of a small vessel to ascertain the deviation of his compass and correct it.

Principal causes of deviation are described. Methods shown are simple and have been used by the author in correcting the compasses of small craft up to 70 tons. Correction of a compass in a large steel vessel is a more complicated business, and needs the services of a professional Compass Adjuster.


Description of a Liquid Compass
Removing a Bubble
Taking a Bearing
Earth’s Magnetism, Lines of Force, etc.
Permanent Magnetism
How Deviation is Caused, etc.
Induced Magnetism
Quadrantal Correction Heeling Error, etc.
Precautions before Swinging Ship
Swinging Ship
Finding Deviation Under Weigh, etc.
Correcting the Compass Finding Positions by Two Horizontal Angles, etc.
Deviation by the Sun
This book is also of value to yachting men.