Basic Seamanship

Published Date: First published 1936-7th edition 1998

ISBN: 9780851746500
Author: Cdr. P. Clissold
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Basic Seamanship (Out of Print)

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This book is intended for any young person who is interested in a seafaring profession either in the Royal Navy, the Merchant Navy or the Fishing Fleets. Yachtsmen too will find some subjects of interest to them as seamanship, as practised at sea, applies in one way or another to all those who go to sea. There have been many changes at sea since the first edition and these changes have been reflected either by introducing new material or by changing the emphasis on the subject. Regulations are mentioned, but with the exception of the Rule of the Road they are not quoted in full.

The original author was a Pangbourne man when pre-sea training for the Naval Reserve and the Merchant Navy was at its peak and many Sea Cadets were preparing for service in the Royal Navy. Those days have gone and the rise of yachting for pleasure has been as phenomenal as the decline in recruitment for the sea. Recent initiatives by Government and other bodies are designed to halt the decline and this edition is put forward to be read and referred to by those young people who choose to follow a sea-going career. It is designed to introduce the basics of a large number of subjects whilst pointing the reader in the direction he or she must go if they are to conform to regulations and codes of practice.