Thomas Stowage 9th Edition, May 2021

Published Date: 1st Edition published 1983 – 9th Edition May 2021

ISBN: 9781849271141
Author: Captain R.E. Thomas; Revised by Captain G.M. Pepper
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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NEW – 9th Edition, May 2021

As with previous editions of Thomas’ Stowage, revisions will be found in all parts of the book, based on new legislation, new commodities and improved methods of handling and carriage. Incidents continue to occur with liquefaction of bulk cargoes as well as losses of containers from the large ships now in service. Thomas’ Stowage addresses these and other issues as far as it is able, and by pointing the reader in the direction of other sources which may assist them in the satisfactory loading, carriage and discharge of their cargo.

The Glossary of Cargo Handling and Shipping Terms has been enhanced with a number of new entries. The terms have been obtained from a variety of sources and suggestions for further entries or amendments will be most welcome.

Thomas’ Stowage continues to be regarded as the definitive reference on the subject and is recommended by many organisations with an interest in the safe handling and carriage of cargoes.