Navigation Guide Volume 1 – Near Coastal Navigation 1991

Published Date: 1991

ISBN: 9780851745329
Author: Alexander Simpson
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Bibliographic Notes

The International Maritime Organisation Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping describes the levels of knowledge agreed by maritime nations to be met by seafarers for the issue of certificates of competency. Certificates may be issued for unrestricted service and for near coastal service only. It follows that with regard to navigation the level of near coastal work is less extensive than that of unrestricted sailing. The volumes give a measured coverage of the subject matter designed to provide for all grades from limited coastwise requirements to ocean going master.

Volume I deals with fundamentals of position, distance and direction and the use of charts and navigational publications. Coastwise navigation, tidal theory, buoyage systems are treated in detail and the sailings and use of traverse table treated non mathematically. Radar and radio and electronic navigation systems are included. The first chapter is on simple arithmetic and geometrical properties, all that is needed to follow the text and examples. The volume is written with attention to the basic training needs for the most limited qualifications as well as progression to senior certification.