Merchant Ship Construction 2002

Published Date: First published 1942-7th edition reprinted 1998

ISBN: 9780851744544
Author: H.J. Pursey
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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(Out Of Print) – Merchant Ship Construction

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Elements of Modern Ship Construction


Written especially for members of the Merchant Navy studying for the various grades of certificates. Most of the work of explanation is done by drawings and only the most common methods of construction are described, so that the subject is adequately covered by a very concise text. The book is divided into five sections which give the construction, connections and uses of the various parts in ordinary ships and in oil tankers, the survey of ships and testing of materials, shipyard practice and a series of definitions. Oil tankers are described in somewhat more detail than is usual in this type of book, in order that those who sail in such ships may be able to obtain a really practical knowledge of them, beyond the present examination requirements. The greatest contribution is undoubtedly the numerous perspective drawings, which are carefully arranged so as to face the descriptions of the parts they illustrate – an arrangement which has obvious advantages.

Sailors are neither engineers nor draughtsmen and many of them have great difficulty in interpreting the conventional plans and elevations usually found in books on ship construction. The perspective drawing shows the part of the ship as it actually appears to the eye of the observer. The author fully understands the difficulties which beset the ship’s officer who is studying this subject, and has designed this modern book on lines which render it extremely suitable for its purpose. This textbook will also find a ready welcome by students of naval architecture and by professional men desirous of having a well-indexed and comprehensive set of ship sketches readily available for reference. Also officially recommended for use in the Examination of Marine Engineers. Illustrated.