The Art of Astronomical Navigation 1975

Published Date: First published 1955-3rd edition 1975

ISBN: 9780851742571
Author: Stephen Merceron Burton & Charles H. Cotter
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Bibliographic Notes

Despite the large number of excellent text-books on the mathematics and geometry of astronomical position-finding, the field of the application of these sciences to the art of safely conducting ships across the broad waters of the world seems to have been somewhat neglected. The purpose of this book is to supply this link between theory and practice: to summarise the findings of the great mathematicians and geometricians and to show, or suggest, how their valuable work can best be used by the practising navigator in the exercise of his office.

Part I reviews generally the (most geometrical) principals underlying the art of navigation. It is intended to refresh the memory and, if necessary, re-orientate the mind of the qualified navigator to the subject of the book: or, alternatively, to set the neophyte on the right course from the start of his career as apractising navigator.

Part II contains worked examples, and discusses at some length various practical points of navigational policy. It also has chapters on the latest “Short Methods”, and on the use of wireless bearings in combination with the astronomical position-line.

Part III compresses within a matter of 35 pages all the formulae, figures and procedures which are occasionally needed in connection with navigation, but which are not generally sufficiently used to keep them always fresh in the memory. This last part provides the book with permanent value to the practising navigator.