Rope Splicing 1990

Published Date: First published 1980-4th edition 1990

ISBN: 9780851745732
Author: Percy W. Blandford
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Bibliographic Notes

This book gathers descriptions of all kinds of rope splices into one volume. Only sufficient knotting and other supplementary information is included to make the descriptions self-contained. It is believed that the reader will find a greater number of splices described in this book (some for the first time) than hewill in any other.

Chapter Contents:- Principles of Splicing · Basic Splices · Variations on the Eye Splice · Special Eyes · Hand to Hand Splices · Splicing Cables and Braided Rope · Miscellaneous Splices · Glossary & Index.

“It is plain and simple and the illustrations are excellent” The Rudder, New York.