Patterns of Trade and Ship Cargoes 1991

Published Date: First edition 1945-revised and rewritten 1991

ISBN: 9780851745947
Author: Anthony N. Cabot
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Patterns of Trade and Ship Cargoes 1991 (OUT OF PRINT)

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Thomas Stowage

A 60-page, pocket-size notebook which runs briefly through the whole gamut of tonnage measurement; stability; preparation of holds; dunnage; tallying; stowage of bulk cargoes, casks, barrels, bags and refrigerated food-stuffs; loading of deep tanks; general cargo trades; deck cargoes; and cargo handling. This is a useful work from which the apprentice or junior officer can cull much practical information without having to wade through the digressions and complications of weightier volumes. Serves as a ready reminder on a multitude of points.