Navigation for School and College 2007

Published Date: First published 1965-2nd edition 1976-Revised 2007

ISBN: 9780851747934
Author: A.C. Gardner & W.G. Creelman
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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(Out of Print) – Navigation for School and College

Suggested Replacements:

Practical Navigation for Officers of the Watch

Navigation Guide Vol 1 – Near Coastal

Navigation Guide Vol 2 – Celestial

A History of the Navigators Sextant

Although Navigation is no longer a subject for the Standard Grade examination it continues to be taught by schools in coastal districts, especially fishing communities.

This revised edition contains a complete amended Tides section which now uses the latest method of tidal reductions.

The book will also be useful to anyone with a desire to gain a basic knowledge of both terrestrial and astronomical Navigation.

Tables are provided at the end of the book allowing the student to find solutions to all of the included Exercises without recourse to special Nautical Tables.