Harbords Glossary of Navigation 1977

Published Date: First published 1930-4th edition 1977

ISBN: 9780851742779
Author: First published 1930-4th edition 1977
Publisher: Brown, Son & Ferguson

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Harbords Glossary of Navigation (Out of Print)

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Practical Navigation for Officers of the Watch or Dictionary of Nautical Words and Terms

A masterpiece of navigational knowledge. The different terms used in Navigation, Pilotage, Nautical Astronomy, Meteorology, Magnetism, Compass, Tides, and the navigational branches of Mathematics and Trigonometry are arranged alphabetically and thoroughly, and exhaustively treated. The various methods and formulae are investigated together with all alternative methods that may be or have been used. The information given is concisely arranged, but is full and complete. Although it comprehensively ranges through past navigation and gives information on such obsolete instruments as the “triquetrum” and the “backstaff”, it is thoroughly up-to-date with all modern developments.